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Headache Hackery Hmmm?


Been sick for the past couple of days. Giant headaches, no appetite, general weakness, fever chills, etc. Couldn’t quite point out the cause, but had the same thing happen to me yesterday. Couple of things that happened as a consequence of me being ill. One, is that I lost a bit of weight. Win! Two, is that I didn’t shave for a couple of days, and not I trimmed my beard to an 80s mustache. Win?

Trolling around the Internet, I stumbled upon the artistic works of 80’s star Richard Grieco. Now I don’t mind it if actors also dabble in the arts. In fact, I’m impressed by the works of Federico Castellucio and Jane Seymour. People like them, I wish I had half their talent. Let them do the acting, and I’ll do the artistic bit. It is a cruel world when people are blessed with talent, not just in one field but two. But when I saw Grieco’s work, I just got pissed. What a hack! http://www.griecoart.com/#!MOMENTS-OF-MADNESS/zoom/cxd4/image1y0h

“I’ve actually been told it look like Pollock, DeKooning, and others. I paint from above, I guess similar to what Pollock did.”

Yes, no shit, Sherlock! You guess? At least acknowledge that you’re stealing his shit, or ahem, incorporating his style. Don’t be dismissive like it’s dumb coincidence. You can steal art. You can borrow style. What you can’t do is paint a giant can of Campbell’s soup and not acknowledge that you’re borrowing from Warhol. “I guess”??? Ugh! This hackery is almost to the same level as when Nick Simmons (Gene Simmon’s son) plagiarized works from popular comic book artists (more popular than him) for his comic book series entitled Incarnate. At least the kid had the good sense to later say that his plagiarism wasn’t plagiarism but a form of homage.

If you’re an actor, be an actor. Become a good actor. If you’re the kid of a rock legend, be the kid of a rock legend. Be a decent human being and don’t pretend to be an artist just because there’s people out there who will tolerate your bullshit. There’s enough of us struggling artists out here to have to put up with vain hackery from those who don’t need the dough.

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