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Ow! My Back!


Ugh! I hurt my back this morning. It’s a dumb clich√©, but seriously, Mondays aren’t working out for me lately. First I had tremendous migraines, and now I hurt my back and walk as if I’m pregnant.

Last Friday was my best friend’s birthday. A great artist, gallery owner, as well as community figure, Jordan Miller. http://www.jordanlmiller.com/¬†She’s one of the many reasons why I will always be tied to Winnipeg and will always consider it home. I’ve already bought tickets and we’re scheduled to visit her sometime in the future. I can’t wait to hang out and watch her down at least a dozen rum and diet Cokes.

Tonight, we’ll be celebrating my wife’s best friend’s birthday which happens to be today. Jordan, if you’re reading this, you’re way cooler and I would rather drink away my Monday night with you, bad back and all.

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Monday Mood


In a perfect world, I would be making art all the time, and that real world concerns wouldn’t keep me from doing whatever I want to do. But I guess that’s the same as any pursuit. I just feel awful sometimes when I think that my art alone does not put food on the table. Sad but true. Artists, even geniuses whose art talents don’t even compare to mine have to keep working nine-to-five regular jobs and put their art on the side.

For the past year, I’ve been reading a lot about First Nations and Anishnaabe culture. I used to dismiss Aboriginal art, thinking it’s the same themes and images over and over again. It hasn’t evolved and is not interesting. After studying a bit, I’m glad to say that I get it now. I was wrong. I was so wrong. Although the forms and style can be redundant, there is truly something deeper there, and that maintaining the same style and not “evolving” is the point.

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