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Had visitors from out of town over the weekend. They were a bit younger than us and part of the itinerary was clubbing. “Clubbing.” Hadn’t done that in a while. Even before I got married, once I started going out with my future wife, the whole club scene lost its appeal to me. There was a period where I used to go to clubs quite often, that period was when people considered me “young.” But since I started almost going everywhere with my wife, clubbing is pointless. What I am doing going to a club with a woman? It’s like going to a restaurant but bringing a sandwich along. And not just that, bringing a sandwich that some stranger will inevitably grind with his crotch the minute I go get a drink or go to the bathroom.

Anyway, it was interesting watching the human drama. Guys dancing by themselves to late 90s hip-hop, a drunken idiot with a police whistle thinking he’s life of the party not knowing he’s the reason people are leaving after their first drink, men and women in their forties trying to look like young thirties. There are really no unique experiences here that people have not heard about, been warned about, or made fun of. But everyone, including myself, go and tell ourselves that tonight will be different. There is something new here, and that I am new and unique; I’ve come here for different reasons and I’m different from the rest. I’m not the attention-deprived woman grasping at the last seconds of my youth. I’m not the greasy guy hoping that the alcohol, darkness, and dehydration would increase my chances to get laid. I’m not the cynical guy watching all of these things unfold and secretly hoping that I’m a part of it. That’s why there not really much to tell here, because I’m sure most people have experienced and witnessed the same things. Still it was fun, even for a moment.

The only problem is coming home in the wee morning hours and basically making myself jet-lagged without going anywhere.

And yes, I went exactly nowhere.

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