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Art and Cake Time


I was visiting a friend’s stalker’s sites (his Facebook and personal Website)… because that’s what friends do, they visit their stalker’s Websites and see what makes him tick. Now, I’m not sure how much traffic this guy gets (probably more traffic than my site), but I was surprised at how inspirational he is. He’s trying to encourage visitors to make something of themselves, be adventurous, and make something now and then. A part of me is thinking:
A: I don’t have any stalkers!
B: This stalker is quite positive for a stalker. How come I’m not this positive? He’s at least trying to affect some change into some people. How come I’m not doing that?
C: Maybe I should start hanging out with this guy. Hey, maybe he could change me! Maybe he could stalk me instead!


Well, here’s to you, friend’s stalker. I started making art, so yeah, I’m making something. This is just halfway through, but I did finish it over the weekend. I kinda wish I worked faster and that the final product actually looks bigger. Most of my work fits on an 8×10 inch piece of paper and it takes about 8 hours to finish, but I don’t think my audience realize that.


And yeah, eating cake while I’m at it.

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Sick, depressed, bloated


Back in Seoul… back to working. Though I’m no longer jet-lagged (I recover quite quickly), I am still terribly homesick. I told my best friend that I would probably be terribly depressed for a couple weeks or so after coming back, and that prediction rings through. A part of me is still trying to figure out how to finally move back to Canada… find a job, invest on a home, etc. But it all amounts to money right now. MONEY. I don’t mind working any job once I move back home. Any job will do just to be home. But I have to really save up before I decide to finally move. Just thinking about all the expenses right now, finding a place, living off my savings for a few months, etc. It’s all pretty intimidating. But I do miss Canada. I miss Winnipeg. And I’d gladly cut off several toes just to be back home.

Of course, that’s just me talking right now. A part of me worries that once I finally decide to move back home I’d feel stuck, etc. After all, I did decide to move out of the country before. Maybe I’ll feel stuck regardless of where I go.

It was great to be home, however. I wish I could’ve spent more time there, but we did make the best of it. It’s rare that my family and I get together, especially with us living in different places, so we celebrated Halloween and Christmas while I was there. My sister’s wedding was a highlight, and I’m so happy for her and her husband. Art-wise, I got to hang out with my artist best friend, Jordan Miller (, and we got to do some artsy things including attending a puppet show in her gallery. Comic Con was also held while we were there, so it was quite an eventful couple of weeks.

Again, I miss Canada… I miss Winnipeg. I miss “Friendly Manitoba.” It’s making me terribly ill not being home right now.

There’s several things I could write about right now, like my troubles with Travelocity, the experience at Comic Con, the art scene in Winnipeg, the beauty of having a wide selection of beer, etc. but maybe some other time. Right now I’ll just focus on being depressed and longing to be back home.

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