I’ve just been included in a local artist group, There’s barely any details aside from a name and a few images (not even a link to my site). I’m just glad it mentions I’m a Canadian artist and not a Korean (not that I would ever be mistaken for one). Artist groups are good. It saves you a bit of time from hustling and finding galleries on your own. It’s also a good way to network and meet other artists and gallery owners.

I remember starting a local artist group years ago. I set up a show and everything. I ended up doing most of the work. Now I didn’t mind it at all, as long as the works I was given to display were decent. The problem is, they weren’t. And I ended up feeling  like I was selling work for others, amateur works that could never be sold. Laziness and lack of participation can be forgiven. Lack of talent, not so much. Not to toot my own horn, but I was tempted to show just my works and another artist’s. Leave everyone else out. But that wouldn’t be fair; after all, the other artists were bringing some of their friends in for the opening. That ended up being the first and last show I had with the group. I didn’t want to associate my name with them anymore… not that my name really means anything. I guess what I learned is that if you’re going to join a group, make sure you respect at least half of the other members’ works in it. And if you’re going to start a group, don’t just take everyone who calls themselves an “artist.”

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