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Ahhh… illustrating for people. I don’t mind working for other people now and then. It’s nice to be given directions and see where another artist takes your talents to. Inevitably however, you’ll be asked to draw things you don’t enjoy drawing. For me, it’s buildings. Buildings and straight lines are not my strong suit. Ironic, since I just posted a picture of buildings a couple of weeks ago, but it’s one of those things that never really excited me much, something I dreaded drawing back then. They seem more like filler… background noise to the drama up front.

Looking at other people’s work, it’s sometimes easy to spot what the artist avoids drawing. Sometimes a lack of interest in drawing people could mean they’re either not interested in drawing people or they just aren’t good with anatomy. And speaking of anatomy, not many young artists are good with fingers and feet, so they hide them in their works.

I remember being in an art opening in Seoul and the artist was really hamming it up. It irritates me how some artists have to act like “artists” and not just be a normal person. She was dressed like a member of The Cure, had colored hair and wild nails, and was exaggerating the effects of what little alcohol she consumed. The art was not my cup of tea… portraits of doll-like women/children. I was just there accompanying a friend when the said friend HAD to mention that I’m also an artist and was foreign. The artist spoke great English but awful, empty, artsy bullshit. Annoyed, I asked why all of her figures were cut above the knee and had their hands behind them. She then went on about the symbolism of being helpless or whatever….

…helpless at drawing hands and feet.

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