Oh Basics!


Part of my job is instructing people on how to fix problems on the books my company publishes. It infuriates me however that sometimes the artists we work with appear to have no formal art training whatsoever. We had such n artist last week. This is an illustrator from South Korea, a country where those with artistic talents are discouraged to pursue careers as artists but instead work on the technical aspect of art and pursue careers in graphic design and advertising where there would always be a need for them.

I’m not claiming I’m a great technical artist, but the artist we were working with yesterday seems to have no idea about proportions and perspective. She also drew objects which made no sense… like people who climbed ladders hands free. We try to explain the problem to her, but she just came back with the laziest of solutions and the most minor of changes. Fortunately, I was just working as a consultant and was not working with her directly, otherwise I would’ve yelled at her myself. Now, I realize that she’s not earning a fortune doing small assignments for us, but that doesn’t give her the right to phone it in. It was just embarrassing/frustrating, and I’m amazed at the patience of my Korean co-workers whose heads didn’t explode working with such an inept illustrator.

Let this be a lesson to all future illustrators out there. Learn perspective and proportions first. Don’t learn from Rob Liefeld. Observe things in real life. Or if you’re going to learn from other artists, make sure they are good ones. And don’t fall in-love with your own work. Learn to change it for the sake of the client. That will get everyone out of the office early on a Friday night.

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