Canada Day, Etc.


Oh Canada! Happy Canada Day! Canada has been one of the best things that ever happened in my life. The country is not perfect, I learned that a lot in the past couple of years ever since I started studying more about Canada. And we Canadians have many problems that we need to work on for our future, to keep the country the way it is and not just be a colder version of our neighbors in the south (I’m looking at you, Harper). But despite everything, Canada has been one of the greatest good that I’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with. The country educated me and helped me grow up to be a man, gave me the greatest friends in the world, comforted my mother in her dying days, and generally just made me a better person. Even though I don’t live in Canada at the moment, my heart will always be there. Right now, I live in South Korea, but Canada will always be home.


Last Thursday was my birthday. One of my best friend’s birthday was the day after. Alan. I called him yesterday. We both had pretty low-key birthdays. I guess when you’re older, birthdays don’t matter so much anymore. You see it for what it is: time passing. It was good talking to him though. I haven’t seen him in years, but every time we walk on the phone it’s like high school all over again. Good times.


Back in 2008, I was in the city when a man in a Greyhound bus bound for Winnipeg was beheaded by a mentally deranged individual who claimed he heard voices from God. He was found guilty for reason of insanity, and is now being held in a mental institution. Fast forward to this weekend, a morning show in Korea caught the story, had it re-enacted, and instead of just presenting facts, it chose to highlight how the incident was reminiscent and could be caused by the “Windigo” phenomenon, hinting that evil Windigos could perhaps exist up north.They also made it appear like the attacker was set free after the verdict (and in cinematic idiocy, both the prosecution and the defense were acting all confused at the not guilty verdict). The whole spin was taken from an article in the Edmonton Sun, a tabloid. Ugh! And it was based on the opinion of Nathan Carlson, “one of the leading authorities on the Windigo phenomenon.” UGH! They just unwittingly turned the incident into a cartoon for the entertainment of Koreans overseas.

Seriously though, it got me thinking. If I was the only one in the world trying to make science out of legends, does that make me a “leading authority” in the matter? What if I just made up a legend about alien vampire flamingos, wrote a paper about it, and perhaps connected it to some recent tragedy… does that make what I do dumb or evil?

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