Morning Man




It’s been forever since I’ve eaten chicken fingers. It’s five in the afternoon, and I’m craving them.

My weekend was mostly wasted with errands leading to nowhere. It’s a good thing I usually wake up early in the morning. I managed to study a bit and get some art done. By 9:00 am, I was fine with wasting the rest of my day since I’ve already met the minimum requirements for productiveness. That’s my X-men superpower, being able to get by on five hours of sleep.

How did I get there? I always woke up early in the morning. Starting from Catholic school, we used to wake up early for mass. Then in high school, I’d wake up early to watch the news. Why? I do not know. Perhaps I was trying to be worldly, especially since the news was coming from NBC and Fox Rochester. University, I woke up early to work out with a buddy of mine.

We spend twenty-four hours a day in the planet, why not spend most of it awake?

(Look at me sounding like I’m having the most exciting of lives. In fact, I might be leading a miserable, sleep-deprived existence!)

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