Hello Weekly


I will be posting weekly entries from my personal Web site at https://josephmreyes.wordpress.com here. While I enjoy having my own Web site and putting my work and art out there to who knows who, it feels really isolated. I used to blog over at http://tabulas.com/ but have since moved on. I miss the old community of bloggers back then, it’s something I feel is more active than a personal Web site but not as obnoxious as Facebook. Tabulas is running into some problems at the moment and I hope the admin works things out soon. It was a great blogging platform.

This blog will not only have art-related entries, but sometimes writing or whatever else comes to mind.

A good friend introduced me to Prezi (http://prezi.com/). It’s an online presentation tool that people use instead of PowerPoint, or as a tool to make dynamic resumes and portfolios. I played around with it a bit and found that it could be used for story narratives, something which I’m surprised they haven’t focused on. With Facebook integration and people’s narcissism, making story narratives using people’s pictures should be something popular, much like Conan O’Brien’s vacation slideshow skits back when he was in NBC.

Anyway, I’ve been carried away playing with the platform. I’ve been making a series of slideshow narratives featuring Jeremy Irons at http://happyslides.wordpress.com/. This is not the art idea I was talking about last week however. Although it keeps me distracted.

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